English Pacer James Anderson disagree not to let pandemic end his cricket career

Due to the dreadful coronavirus pandemic, all the cricket events all over the world called off. English pacer James Anderson doesn’t want to end his cricket career prematurely due to the outbreak.

A Lot of uncertain things going on how much cricket will be played, in the English summer is still a question.  In this summer, England is scheduled to play the home test series against West Indies and Pakistan.

England’s most successful Test bowler Anderson enters 38 in the month of July and there is a lot more by his side to offer in the International Cricket.

During the conference call on Thursday, the pacer said “ I didn’t think about never playing cricket again. At some stage, I will play again and I would like to play again. When asked about the bowling this summer, it’s pretty realistic as the situation around the world. I think I’m still going to play long-term, as of now it would be silly to not think about it.”

He added, other than sport there is a lot more in life. Missing out a season of it or one series of it was considered to be less when compared to all the certain things happening in and around the world.

“ We are now seeing what people are sacrificing in the National Health Service and many people losing their lives infected by the dreadful virus and it’s more to life than cricket. Sacrificing some or maybe all of the cricket season is not a big thing compared to those huge sacrifices.”

He also said that he would like to turn to white-ball cricket if there is no scope of playing cricket for Test of at the Country Championship level.