New Zealand vs India 2020 – Ross Taylor is the first player to play 100 games in all the three formats

The first test between India and New Zealand held at Basin Reserve in Wellington and Ross Taylor by taking the field achieved a unique feat in the International Cricket. He became the first player ever to be played 100 games in all the three formats.

Over the years, Taylor has been an important batsman for New Zealand and continued till with his consistency. With his achievements he is extremely happy and became emotional.

“The occasion was really exciting. When you wake up early in the morning and there is a rainfall around then it will never be a great sign. At last event night, Ian Smith expressed few words which felt very nice for the team and family to feel the experience of doing something good which might never be done again.”

Taylor was presented 100 wine bottles representing one for every test match he played. He also said that he hoped of Kiwis ending up winning side in the first test so that he along with his team could celebrate his feat and other New Zealand players.

Taylor said “ They can be stored for a while but it would be good there is some help needed drinking. Fleming , Brendon and Dan kept the tradition who all played hundred Tests each individual and we too can celebrate this one with a win.”