Rohit Sharma said it is most important to be disciplined during these days while talking about pandemic

In a candid chat with the England cricketer Kevin Pietersen on Instagram live, Rohit Sharma said “ Nature is healing by itself and it is the right time to realize what we have done.”

Due to 21-days lockdown, both the players were in self-isolation in their respective home countries, they had conversations on different topics like housework, IPL, matches, and the importance of wildlife. They both had very funny conversations which was interrupted on and off by Rohit’s daughter Samaira and Yuzvendra Chahal ( his national teammate).

During this lockdown period, talking about things happening and what has been up, he said that housework is the most toughest thing than it looks and he is extremely busy in that work.

“Cleaning the house is not dead easy, took me 2 and a half hrs to do that”, he told Kevin.

He further added how important it is to spend time with the family which he realized in this lockdown period.

He added further “ Now I realize it is so important to spend time your family members because all they want is to be with them.”

Sharma said that all that he can hear in the city is only birds sound. He was asked how he feeling after being out of the cricket since two and half months due to the injury, he said he was really missing the game and he wanted to play the Indian Premier League. He believed, once the pandemic is under control, IPL will take place this year.

He said “ I am really looking forward to Trent Boult in the playing team as along with Bumrah, Boult also made a lethal combination.”

Sharma also spoke a few words before signing off, addressing the nation. He said how important it is to be disciplined at the moment.

“This is the time to show the nation what we are doing and it is most important for us to be  disciplined at the moment.”