14days of self-isolation for the 15-man squad of New Zealand who has toured Australia

On the Prime Minister’s strict orders, the whole New Zealand cricket team and the support staff went into isolation for 14days as soon as they returned from Sydney. Due to the ongoing coronavirus, all of them went into lockdown.

The first ODI was lost by New Zealand against Australia with a difference of 71runs and the rest two ODI matches were postponed along with three T20 internationals in Christchurch, Dunedin, and Auckland. The effect was on England’s tour of Sri Lanka, South Africa’s tour of India and New Zealand’s tour of Australia.

Due to the virus fear, the Plunket Shield Club cricket and the community cricket were also canceled by NZC. NZC public affairs manager namely Richard Boock stated that all the members including the squad who went to Australia have been under self-isolation and were being monitored on a daily basis.

“ The Blackcaps and the touring staff have all gone under self-isolation. We have given all the information about the process and as far as we came to know they are following it strictly.”

 Boock said “ the players have been clearly explained about the current situation and were advised accordingly. He also clearly stated how the New Zealand Cricket Board is associating in close quarters with the Cricket Players Association.”

“It’s a kind of advice and we can’t instruct them to do anything. What we can do is we can give them the best advice and the latest information about where they are going and who all they are contacting in areas.”

“We are keeping the players informed as it is a crucial and holding pattern for us. We working closely with the Association of cricket players which were fantastic. It’s a kind where you all put together.”