Finch and Smith would discuss it over a beer

Finch mix up with Smith and was run out resulting Australia losing the third ODI to India played on Saturday. Captain Finch said that they would discuss it over a beer.

Smith shot to short third man and finch rushed away to make a single but former skipper’s lack of full commitment led the combo of Shreyas Iyer  and Ravindra Jadeja to send the ball to Shami. At the non strikers end, he removed the bails off.

India limited the tourists score to 286-9 though Smith made a stunning score of 131 runs in Bengaluru.

Rohit with 119 runs and Virat with 89 runs made 137 in partnership. Finally India won the match by seven wickets and left over 15 balls.

Finch regarding the incident with Smith said” we not yet discussed about this incident, will discuss to night with beer.

“We are about to lose a wicket, he controlled the innings in a well manner at various parts in an exceptional way.”

“Middle part was very important for us getting chance at back end and that was a real quality control by him.”

In last march Australia won India in a five –match series for 3-2. Kohli was proud to get defeated.

It was really satisfying for us that we lost the series last year by getting one back. We would like to go upwards and onwards.

In Australian innings, Shikhar Dhawan supposed to leave early from the field as he was get hurt on his left shoulder while diving the field and was sent for an X-ray.

India coped up well without Dhawan and Kohli felt pretty good for that but was doubt that he would be absent for their New Zealand tour. The T20 series first match starts on Friday.

Kohli said “We were short of Dhawan’s experience especially me and Rohit”

We expect openers  to give a good start and we gave that start by Rahul and Rohit.  But when Rohit went out, it was really a tricky situation for us where ball was gripping and the situations turning out of favour. That will be the time where experience counts.

I and Rohit discussed to each other striking partnership. What Australia wants at this moment is wickets and if we won’t let our wickets go then it will be so easy for us to take 7 or 8 runs per over. We built that confidence in our skills.