After reaction to fan Stokes apologizes for his unprofessional language

Ben Stokes was engaged in verbal disputation with one of the fan during fourth test match with South Africa. He later released a statement asking apology for the language he used in the conversation.

This all rounder on the opening day at the Wanderers got dismissed for two. He was heard on a live broadcast using strong language words at a spectator.

Stokes after Friday play was claimed to have subjected to mistreat used Twitter to say sorry for his reaction which was unprofessional.

He wrote “ I wish to apologize for the language I used after my dismissal that was heard on live broad cast. I should have control my language and not reacted in that way.”

While I was leaving play area I was subjected to repeated abuse from the crowd which made me react in that way. I agree that my reaction was too unprofessional at that time and I would sincerely like to apologize for the words I used there, especially for the young man around the world who were watching live telecast.

Support from both set of fans i.e., England and South Africa throughout the match was so brilliant. We determine to win and one such incident can’t ruin this kind of competitive series.

We have to see if the officials take any kind of action against Stokes the who will be the one of the four batsmen dismissed where as England closed making 192 runs on board. Tourists completed the four match series 2-1.