Anil Kumble stated that India’s lack of planning was reason behind not winning World Cup

Head Coach and Former Indian leg spinner Anil Kumble said that one of the main reason behind India losing 2019 ODI World Cup was a lack of proper planning at the time of crucial state. India knocked out of World Cup by losing the game against New Zealand in Semi final.

He said that India with an untested middle order went into the World Cup. Players like Vijay Shankar, Rishabh Pant who didn’t even played ten games each for the country were in the squad while experienced players like Dinesh Karthik, Ambati Rayudu were out of the squad.

While interviewing with Cricket Next this Indian Legend said that “ While leading to the World Cup we were always in discussion about number 4 position as there were lot of changes going on in the process. First Vijay Shankar got promoted to number 4 place but in some angles he wasn’t the ideal candidate. However he got injured and at number 4 KL Rahul was on line. Unfortunately, Dhawan got injured and then KL Rahul moved forward as an opener and then number 4 was a big confusion and a point of discussion again.

To play in such high pressure game, batsmen require more self control and this is so unexpected thing from newbies like Pant and Shankar who had very little experience.

He said “ In any World Cup for setting up a team we need to select a squad with atleast 10 to 15 matches prior and more importantly you need to identify the specific individual roles and you need to have prior back up to replace in case of emergency. This is something mainly to be identified leading upto the World Cup. It was the New Zealand bowling which was too good that day and Indian team’s lack of proper planning lead to this kind of elimination.

That half an hour to 45 min opening match by New Zealand which took away the game from India.