ICC’s another proposal- T20 World Cup to be expanded to 20 teams

According to The Telegraph UK, The International Cricket Council is thinking to expend the team of T20 World Cup from 16 to 20 teams from 2023 to 31 cycle.
Their intension in increasing the team is to match the popularity of cricket to other sports like basket ball and foot ball. They thought the best way is to increase the team  which indeed increases viewers and fans engagement.

To form the shape of International cricket calendar from 2023-31 broader discussions took place and the first T20 World Cup in this cycle takes place in the year 2024.

USA, Canada, Germany, Nepal and Nigeria will the likely entrants newly. If the idea of expanding the teams doesn’t take place then ICC thinks of two formats in mind. First format is as now to tier format where lower ranked teams will play qualifiers match to get into the main competition which includes top countries.

The second format is that five teams of each group, overall four groups with top sides from each group results to the knockout stage.

Apex council made a proposal of organizing a flagship event which takes place every year which may be a plan for entering global media rights markets. Along with this all other proposals of recent plans will be discussed in a meeting which is to be held in Dubai in March.