Jofra Archer being racially targeted on social media again and calls for strict action

Jofra Archer stated emotionally that how people target human beings this way. He, in the month of December 2019 tweeted about the crowd claiming racial abuses and the way they are disturbing him.

This England pacer and Cricket World Cup 2019 winner called for the strict actions to be taken against those culprits who were racially targeting him. He posted the screenshots on social media of him being the receiver of those racial comments again.

On the last day of the first test against New Zealand held in Mount Maunganui last year in the month of December, he was subjected to racial abuse. Since then he has been targeted quite often and hence condemned the comments which were received by him yesterday.

He gave an emotional statement stating it is an inexplicable how people targeting human beings this way.

“I thought a lot more about reacting to this and I hope no one should deal with the stuff like this on a regular basis. It is never acceptable and should be addressed properly in my thinking.”

“I don’t ever understand how people feel so freely saying these things to another human being, it baffles me”.

Archer, in the month of December, tweeted about the statements from the crowd which was racial abuses he faced while going to bat to save England from losing the Test match. The suspected supporter was banned by the New Zealand cricket Board for two years from all the domestic and international matches.