Kohli’s Team vs Steve Smith Team (Who will be the winner)

After bout with Sri Lankans, India will head on Australia in three-match ODI Series. There are lot emotions holded  in the matches played between Men in Blue and Men in Yellow due to the strength in both the teams.

This game will be in between the two best batsmen in the game Virat and Smith as both of them is regarded as equal in strength of sports.

In the limited over formats Virat is the best while Smith is best in the longest format of the game. This analysis will be strictly in the boundaries of ODI format as they are going to perform in the 50 over format.

Smith played in 118 ODI matches and scored 3810 runs with an average of 41 over at a striking rate of over 86 which is a decent rate of score.

Virat is entirely on another level with his score of 11609 runs in 242 ODI matches at an average  of 60 with a striking rate of 93.28.

With the difference in these scores we can conclude that Virat Kohli is going to have better series than Aussies Team.

Smith did batting for seven occasions and scored 170 runs overall at an average of 28.33 while Kohli from 89 innings made 4682 runs at an average over 60.

Indian captain hits ball out of the boundary both literally and figuratively especially while playing in India as it is always expected for any player to be better at home country.

In 2019, Kohli played 26 matches at the average of 60 and scored 1377 runs  which shows his consistency and Smith scored 379 runs with an average of 37.90 for 10 matches. It states that Kohli is too far a head of Smith’s ability and is much better than the former Aussie captain. They both have the great records against each other and the two sides going to head each other for the first ODI due to which both teams are expected to be on fire.

This shows that both of them going to entertain the fans in great way with their stroke play. Both of them love to face each other on pitch in ODIs but finally it would be the Kohli’s match being the better player at the series final. Let us see who will win the battle this time.