Pakistan Cricket Board decision to deduct the salary if players doesn’t meet the fitness standards as required

The Pakistan Central Boards announced that the fitness test will be conducted on January 6 and 7. Regarding this, Zakir Khan director of PCB International Cricket stated that whomever centrally contracted players doesn’t meet the minimum requirements in the fitness test they have to bare cuttings in the pay. There are total number of 19 players in central contract to PCB ho were again divided into three categories A, B and C who receive different pays based on these categories. A  list players get PKR 0.8million per month while B players get PKR 0.5 million and C players get 0.35 million per month.

The released statement says that the player from the category list doesn’t meet the minimum requirements in the fitness test will be imposed to play 15% on their monthly salary and this deduction continues till they meet those requirements.

This rule is applicable not only for contract players who have to prove their fitness but also for domestic players too.  If domestic players couldn’t meet the requirements failing the test then the chances of getting selected will be less, especially in state side Pakistan One Day Cup. This series is scheduled to be in the month of March and April.

PCB is very clear about the decision and it also mentioned that players were already intimated about the conditions about the fitness test and what all the things they do if they doesn’t meet the requirements.

Zhakir Khan stated that “There is always attention prior to the fitness levels of the players  but this time we thought of making it to enforce penalties. This is mainly in accordance with central contracted players so that they will be more responsible and accountable to maintain high performance standards in regard to fitness levels all through the year which is a basic and must requirement for any sports person.

“All of them were informed last month what all PCB requirements and expectations and potential sanctions in case of failures. These kind of conditions are also applicable to the six Cricket Association teams too. Their respective coaches and trainers will conduct the fitness tests as per the schedule and who ever fails in the test will be less in prior of f”eaturing in Pakistan One Day Cup tournament which will be held from March 25 to April 19.