PCB intends to postpone PSL V amid COVID-19

In Pakistan, there held a video press conference with the sports journals of the Print Media in which PCB chief executive Wasin Khan spome. He said that amidst domestic season uncertainty they want to focus more on the structure of the domestic to improve it in a better way.

He also stated that it would like to create the new bodies at provincial by decentralizing and creating the city levels.

The fate of the Pakistan Super League and the losses it has to bare due to the postponement of the leagues have been questioned in the press conference, Khan answered that there would be a moderate losses. PCB might schedule the semi-finals and the final fixture of the league before the T20 World Cup, most probably in November or ahead of the PSL next edition.

As per the Pakistani national daily Dawn, he profits being expected by PCB for the current edition which was the first PSL match played in Pakistan, and the tournament being held infront of the tightly packed crowd.

“AS per the earlier SOP, the profits and losses for the franchises would be shared as the franchises were also the partners of PCB” answered Khan while asked about the losses.

“The most important thing here is to decide the winner of the league rather than the prize money for the franchise is not at all matters.”