Pope celebrating his first Test ton- I thought I’d clipped it for two

Ollie Pope gave shot reached century which was his first one in the Test series, for England. It was uncertain if he had made 100 for two rather than four. The 22 year old tucked away a neat shot on his leg side through a gap in between the field. Before that shot he was on 96 and that shot bought him first test century on day two in Port Elizabeth.

Batsman went on running on 135 not out where as England gave target of 499-9 and South Africa reached 60-2 play was stopped due to rain.

An excited Pope said “ I thought I’d clipped it for two!” after the stumps.

It’s so hard for me to put into words how lucky enough was I. Last week Dom Sibley made his first hundred and Ben Foakes made his first hundred in Sri Lanka.

I sat there watching their centuries and was so excited for them thinking how amazing feeling will it be. Actually it was an amazing feeling.

If Pope would have not taken the advice of Ben Stokes who scored his 9th century in tests, things would have been different.

On 74 Pope gave on to Dane Paterson but stokes advised him to replay and see the two seconds of the 15 remaining. 

Pope said “To be honest I thought I would be to changing rooms”. When Stokes told me to review last two seconds left,  I felt it like grabbing at straws but when I saw the replay I was so excited to see the green feeling pretty good at that moment.

Due to shoulder injury he missed significant time in 2019 and spell out gave him more impulse to succeed after getting chance to play for England.

Those three months when I was away from cricket gave me a real hunger to come back.

“I don’t know how close I was to England team but I think after coming back I found a bit straight away  which made me more hungrier.”