South Africa’s 16-man squad undergoing self-isolation that has toured India

Cricket South Africa chief medical officer, Dr.Shubiah Manjra advised the 16-man squad of South Africa for self-isolation for at least 14 days. These safety measures have been advised in the wake of the deadly fear of coronavirus outbreak all over the world.

South Africa’s three-ODI tour to Dharamsala, Lucknow, and Kolkata have been affected as the first ODI was abandoned due to the rain and the rest two resulting in the quashing.

In Johannesburg, Manjira said cricketers to make themselves self-isolated to prevent from the virus, prevent them from spreading and not putting others’ lives in danger.

“We have recommended all the 16 players to self-isolated and keep a social distance for a minimum of 14days because it is the only guidance to protect people around from getting affected.”

Any of the players have similar symptoms related to the dreadful virus, those will be immediately managed as per the medical without any delay. He also said the entire team was explained briefly about the virus and the symptoms and effects related to it. Any kind of related concerns will be checked upon regularly.

Manjra also stated that their topmost priority now is to educate the players and making them aware of the situations and incidents happening around.

“If any of them have the symptoms or any other factors of concern, we surely investigate them thoroughly and manage it as per the guidelines given.”

“ We have well educated the players about the disease like what is it, what are the symptoms and what will be the result. Monitoring themselves in terms of temperature. We also make our experts available for them even after the tour.”